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Marketers are able to target their customers much more easily thanks to these specific circles, and they are able to direct the marketing at only the people who will be interested in what they have to offer. As with Facebook, Google+ will have communities which will be called "Circles". This means that few people will "un-follow" or dislike a certain type of marketing, which usually contributes to lower SEO rankings. These Circles will act just like the Facebook communities where people can share content and information much more easily.

Being able to customize a marketing campaign or promotion to reach specific "Circles" will make internet marketing much easier and much more targeted as well. The Maps division is still in the early stages of rolling out "promoted pin" ads which will suggest businesses, make store stock searchable, or offer deals. A former Google exec with knowledge of the division gives Fitzpatrick credit for helping make strides in the very thorny area of location-based advertising.

Meanwhile, Maps also continues to grow its licensing business, where apps and services like Trulia and Yelp pay Google to use its Maps APIs, even as some big customers like Uber phase it out. Having rich Maps data also affects any local search someone makes, even outside the app. Google+ will offer the Circles feature, which will enable users to establish communities and find topical authorities on subjects of interest. This helps to indicate how large a person's sphere of influence is.

This will mean that any links posted by these topical authorities will be treated with much more attention, which will in turn lead to much more effective link building for those who can be considered authorities on a particular topic. The contextual relevance of the Circles on Google+ will make it much easier for people to obtain useful links, thus making link building on Google+ much more effective than on Facebook. While each of the 75 people who crammed into a Google conference room on Tuesday afternoon had their own motivations for becoming a Maps �Local Guide,� the search giant had a unified reason to thank them.

They can also search local businesses or international businesses based on location in a certain city or proximity to a current location. Using Google Earth overlays, users can also view the globe like never before, and using satellite maps and real-time successive photos allows users to see popular city streets exactly as they are, as viewed through a camera lens. Web users can plot out street maps for walking, biking, driving or taking public transit.

Google Maps is a free mapping application found online. Additionally, Google is working extensively with mobile media; notably the "G1," the "iPhone" and phones using "Windows Mobile" or "Android" operating systems, to let users take their Google street maps everywhere they go. If you see a white square with a "W" in the middle, you'll be able to scroll over the square to read some of the Wikipedia page about that location!